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*Decides to check dA* *clicks on dA* *DOES NOT SEE USUAL DA PAGE* o.O What... What is this? When did this happen? There's an activity feed?? Eh???
Just walking my penguin by Celtic-Lily
Just walking my penguin
I got Promarker pens for Christmas a couple of years ago and I never really got the hang of them but I tried yesterday on thicker paper than the printer paper I'd tried them on before and actually I like them :D I only have six colours though which kind of limits what I can do with them. I don't usually colour things cos it tends to ruin what ever it is I've drawn, but I think this actually turned out ok ^^ I think there's something not quite right with her body proportions though perhaps...
Sleepy by Celtic-Lily
I've been drawing quite a lot over the summer but I never ever put things on dA. Partly cos I have no good computer software-y things to edit and fix my scribblings, partly cos they're usually very rough and messy, and partly why would anyone want to see them so what's the point?   I'm putting these up cos, well, I quite like them even if they are just messy sketches, and cos I guess I might as well use my dA account since I have one ^^;
Um... For anyone who cares, this is my character Elenor. In the top one, feeling sleepy in her nightgown (It's not a dress! Nightgowns are completely different!) probably having just been woken up. The bottom one curled up by a tree, cos adventures are tiring and she's warm and comfortable and not in immediate danger of being attacked/ eaten/ poisoned/ lost/ stuck in a hole/ stuck in a tree/ stuck in some mud/ stuck to a blood-sucking door/ stuck in a ball gown against her will/ stuck in awkward situations with scary rich people/ generally stuck/ etc... (stuck no longer looks like a word.)
Not entirely sure why I drew her being sleepy in two pictures in a row *shrugs*
I haven't a clue what size this is going to come up when I submit it cos I really haven't got the hang of submitting things on here :P Fingers crossed...
Cogs freeze
Clockwork jammed by too many gaudy threads
                            The ribbons of thought
                                        Sound, sight, knowledge-
                                                What will happen next, what are they thinking, am I behaving correctly?
            Which to prioritise, this or this or this or this TOO MUCH (or this or this) TOO FAST-
Breath in,
Breathe out.
Untangle hands from wringing clawing mess,
Be rational and slow, it’s ok.
                  (They’ll notice, stopit-stopit-stupid-SHUTUP...)
Relax, it’ll untangle. It WILL untangle. Why won’t it untangle?
Ok, try to force it, push the slow rusting cogs round tighter tighter keep going
Just keep pushing them tighter until you’re free-
                                                   No, sticking sticking sticking STUCK
I’m sorry, I don’t know, I just- don’t know
       Grasp hair, try to sigh it loose, blink,
I’m fine, just a bit tired
          (Muffle the hysteria, strengthen the voice, hide the trembles)
       Dodge the cannon balls of nothing and everything from all sides,
           Scramble home and close the door
    And slide down to sit in a silent gasping ball
 Head between knees,




Let the sobs flow, tears to oil gears
Until the whirling stops
And eyes stare ahead,

And soft blinding echoes are all the evidence that remains.
I think I accidentally offended someone today in the shop I work in. They took me by surprise and I panicked and didn't help them.
I wish people knew and I wish they understood and I wish they were kind.

This is very unpolished and the layout is a mess because that's how it feels, as far as I can put it into words. Anyone who doesn't recognise this feeling, I hope you might try to understand and remember that many people have difficulties that can't be seen, and no matter how hard they try every second of every day to hide them and overcome them and not make mistakes, sooner or later they'll miss a step and come tumbling down, and they can't help it. Please be patient, please try not to accuse them and wind the chains even tighter around them.

If you do recognise this feeling, it's ok to not always be perfect. Even if it's difficult to convince yourself that it's true.
Sometimes it's really nice when the weather just perfectly matches your mood. It's slightly less nice when your rabbit's escaped and you know he's out in it somewhere and there's nothing you can do. And when your mother has disappeared off somewhere in a huff and you have no idea where she is or when she's coming back, and know that when she does the storm outside will probably be nothing compared to the one inside. But you can at least sit in the kitchen listening to the atmospheric version of your feelings.

Really sorry for the complaint journal. Just felt like writing it out of my head somewhere.
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Rain
Ok, well. Never written one of these journal thingies before. So... Uni has been survived! And it's nearly Christmas! And I somehow seem to have drawn/written more while at Uni when I had no time than over the entire summer when I had plenty of time. Though I probably wont put it up on here, it's just scribbles and sketches.
*shrugs* Not entirely sure why I'm writing this... Just bored, I guess.


United Kingdom

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