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What do they make of it all, I wonder? The noise, the chaos, the grey-faced tear-stained creatures running above and trampling their intricate civilisations to mud. Do they accept their fate with dignity, knowing their sacrifice is for the greater good?
No, of course not.
But they haven’t a choice, have they? They just scurry about, minding their own business, then suddenly BANG. Dead. Gone. Everything they ever thought or knew or wondered, instantly obliterated. Poor things.
That said though, maybe they do have some peace with it. More than we do, anyway. Because I’ve never seen one looking concerned about its fate. Never seen one staring into nothing, shaking and crying and falling apart because the blind terror has burned too far into its soul and there’s nothing left any more.
We could learn a lot from ants, I suspect, if only we could see into their minds.

And there I go again. Rambling. They tease me, the lads do- when they have they energy that is. I don’t mind. Gives them a bit of a laugh, brightens the day a moment or two. They call me Dreamy Davey, ‘cause apparently I spend more time staring into space than I do breathing. Probably an exaggeration, that. But I guess it’s probably not too far off the truth. After all, when the screams are echoing above and the world is hidden in bullets and muck and pain, what else is there to hold on to but dreams?

You know, I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I know you won’t receive it. Mainly because I’m not planning to send it. They’d only censor it, anyway. But it’s nice to write it, I suppose, like you’re here listening to me rattle on. I can see your smile now, soft and patient and gentle, not like the dull-eyed grimaces you get here. So if you don’t mind lending me your imaginary ear a little longer, Cathy, it’s much appreciated. I only wish you could know how much. You’ll have to excuse my handwriting though. Hands are shaking. Can’t stop them. It doesn’t ever stop. I can see that look in your eye, now. Disapproval. You think I should be resting, don’t you? And you’d be right of course. But I can’t sleep Cathy, not with his eyes staring at me. Sky blue, piercing, pinning me right through the chest. Do you think the ants have found them yet? Reclaimed some sort of justice for themselves, and him left with just black sockets staring ou- No, no, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that. You always said I shouldn’t let my imagination run away with me so much, Cathy. Oh, Lord, it won’t leave me now, that image. Just staring, staring, empty- How could he, Cathy? How could it have been him? Oh God, he’s dead and just left to rot up there on the battlefield and there’s nothing I can do. We promised to stick together, and he’s gone and left me in this hell and I couldn’t save him, I tried but I couldn’t Cathy, there was too much blood and he was too heavy and I had to leave him. I had to. I- had to.

Do you reckon he’s in Heaven now, already? If there’s even a place in heaven for us, that is. “Thou shalt not kill,” that’s what the bible says. But we’re not bad men, we don’t have a choice. I can’t believe Sam could ever be deemed evil. Does God understand, do you think? Does he care? We’ve been through enough suffering here to pacify a thousand Devils, surely. The Lord is just, that’s what we learned in Church. Well, I can’t see how there’s anything just about this war, but there must be something better on the other side for us, mustn’t there? So he’s probably up there now, Sam, probably watching down and telling me to pull myself together. Telling me I need my beauty sleep. Still, I’m not going to listen. Pig- headed, I know, but his face won’t leave me, like he’s haunting me, and who am I to deprive his memory of company on its first night under Death’s shroud? So I think I’ll just sit up a little longer, Cathy, if you don’t mind. It’s not like a good night’s sleep is going to make me any less likely to die, not here.
It’s funny, you go through all that training, all that learning to be a soldier, but in the end it’s not down to skill. It’s luck, pure luck, or fate perhaps. And I hope you’ll forgive me for thinking like this, Cath- and I’m glad you won’t see this, I know it’d upset you- but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if the good luck is on the side of the living, or the dead. The dead, they don’t have to cope any more. Don’t have to watch their comrades blown to pieces in front of them, don’t have to sit with some poor young lad newly arrived and watch the stories of hope and glory die in his eyes as he realises the truth. Don’t have to huddle in the cold and mud, never knowing if they’re going to see the next sunset.

You know I love you, don’t you? I hope you do. I hope I’ve done enough to show you that, so you’ll always know it, and if I don’t come home… well. I’ll be with you Cath, in some way. Memory, or spirit, or something, I’ll still be there for you and you’ll still mean all the world to me. You keep me strong, you know? I have to live, have to get through each of these days of hell so I can come home to you again. And if I do- when I do- please, forgive me. Forgive me if I cry, if I tremble with the burden of these memories, if I need your help to hold me together. I’ll help you, too, as best I can, in any way I’m able. We’ll stand strong, together, wont we Cathy? We’ll make it, we’ll both make it, we’ll live long and happy and glorious together some day. So for now, I suppose I can only do my best to live up to the ants’ example and endure whatever fate throws at me. We’ll have our nest eventually Cath. In this life, or the next.

Just please, don’t forget me.
A short WW1 dramatic monologue-y type thing. I think it could use some more editing, but I'm happy enough with it for now :)
(Title changed on advice from Jottify ^^ Also corrected the genre cos it looks like I clicked "horror" instead of "historical". Though I guess WW1 was pretty horrific...)
Home alone. It wasn't a situation that particularly bothered Joan, despite the darkness of the other rooms and the creaks from distant corners of the house. She knew she was the only one in, and there was no such thing as ghosts. Not even on Halloween. In fact, especially on Halloween. What self-respecting ghost would come creeping on the one night of the year when no-one would take it seriously? And so, Joan sat in her room typing away at her computer, untroubled by thoughts of spectres and ghouls.
A thudding sound echoed up from downstairs. Slow, evenly-spaced bangs, like something falling repeatedly against her front door. She frowned. Hadn't she put up a sign saying “no trick-or-treating”? Deciding to ignore it, she continued with her work. Thud. Thud. Thud. After ten minutes, during which it continued without a break and kept interrupting her train of thought, she pushed herself away from the desk with a huff, and stamped downstairs to confront whatever irritating child had taken it upon itself to disturb her. Her footsteps clacked against the wooden floorboards of the hallway. Now she could hear something else, too. A dull moaning sound, weaving between each bang, and scratching, like nails being dragged down wood. As though an arm was being dropped against the door, and then the nails dragged down. There was a strange urgency to it.
She hesitated. Being home alone might not frighten her, but she didn't much like the idea of opening the door to a stranger at night. It sounded too heavy to be a child, too.
She bent in front of the letterbox and pulled it open with a finger.
“Yes? Who is it?”
The sounds intensified, the scratching becoming louder. She sighed.
“Henry, is that you?” There was no reply. “Look, whoever you are, I’m trying to work. Please leave me alone- agh!” She jumped back with a cry, staring at the hand that had just forced its way through the letterbox. It was pale and mottled, bloated. Reaching out towards her.
And then it fell off.
Her heart skipped a beat and she instinctively retreated a few steps, suddenly afraid. The hand lay still on the floor, underneath the stump of a wrist that was still trying to push through. She could see the white bone of the arm, tatters of discoloured flesh and rotten muscle dangling around it. A stench of decomposing flesh began to permeate the air. Swallowing hard, she forced her fear down. Impressive costume. And some sort of Halloween-themed perfume? She had to admire their dedication. But she wasn’t going to let this person make her look a fool. The hand twitched. Animatronics? Very clever.
“For goodness sake, go away! This is silly. You’re not scaring me, you know. If you don’t leave I’ll call the police and report you for trespassing.”
The hand twitched again. And suddenly scurried at her, dragged by its fingers. She gasped and backed away, but it kept coming. And it was fast, too, fast as a spider. She found herself running backwards just to keep ahead of it, until she reached the stairs and tripped. She scrambled halfway up them, still not daring to take her eyes off it. It scrabbled and writhed at the bottom, trying to reach the top of the first step. Eyes wide, heart pounding, she gripped the bannister hard with one hand and slowly pulled herself to her feet. Very- very good animatronics.
“GO AWAY!” She yelled. Gathering her courage and her rationality, she ran down the steps and jumped with all her might on the hand. It crunched beneath her weight and fell still. She stamped again and again, until it couldn’t possibly get back up. Breath still racing, she hopped back onto the stair and looked down, expecting to see twisted metal and wires.
A gory mess of squashed flesh and bits of pale bone met her gaze. Not one wire in sight. The world span and she clutched the railings, petrified with horror. A cold shudder ran through her, and with a terrified sob she turned and fled, back up the stairs, back to the warm light of her room. She slammed the door and pushed her desk against it to barricade herself in, then kicked off her shoes, leapt onto her bed and wrapped herself up safe in her blanket. She didn’t dare sleep though. She just sat there, watching the door, listening to the thing outside, expecting every moment that it would manage to force its way in. And it had another hand too, surely. More sobs shook her and she pulled the duvet tighter and fumbled for her phone. She’d call Sally, that’s what she’d do, and ask her to come over- but then it might get Sally, too- maybe she should just warn her instead.
With shaking hands, she swiped the name and held the phone to her ear. It went through to voicemail.
Ok, ok, no matter, she could try Tom.
No reply.
She tried everyone in her contacts list, increasingly hysterical, but to no avail.
And then there was a sound. Faint, but to her straining ears it was clear. A soft hshhhh of something against carpet. Out in the hallway, drawing closer. She held her breath, trying to work out where it was, how big it was. Small, it was small. And it was close, closer, closer- right at the door, right against it- there was a squelching noise, and soft scraping. Her eyes, glued to the dark crack of bottom of the door, picked out movement.
The pulped hand oozed into the room, followed by a trail of sludges of skin that slithered like slugs.
Joan screamed.
Short Halloween story. Haven't really tried writing anything creepy before. I wrote it whilst home alone at night, which possibly wasn't very sensible as I then had to go and turn on all the lights and check behind every door >.>
Not keen on the ending, but I don't have time to change it/ write more.
Just walking my penguin by Celtic-Lily
Just walking my penguin
I got Promarker pens for Christmas a couple of years ago and I never really got the hang of them but I tried yesterday on thicker paper than the printer paper I'd tried them on before and actually I like them :D I only have six colours though which kind of limits what I can do with them. I don't usually colour things cos it tends to ruin what ever it is I've drawn, but I think this actually turned out ok ^^ I think there's something not quite right with her body proportions though perhaps...
Sleepy by Celtic-Lily
I've been drawing quite a lot over the summer but I never ever put things on dA. Partly cos I have no good computer software-y things to edit and fix my scribblings, partly cos they're usually very rough and messy, and partly why would anyone want to see them so what's the point?   I'm putting these up cos, well, I quite like them even if they are just messy sketches, and cos I guess I might as well use my dA account since I have one ^^;
Um... For anyone who cares, this is my character Elenor. In the top one, feeling sleepy in her nightgown (It's not a dress! Nightgowns are completely different!) probably having just been woken up. The bottom one curled up by a tree, cos adventures are tiring and she's warm and comfortable and not in immediate danger of being attacked/ eaten/ poisoned/ lost/ stuck in a hole/ stuck in a tree/ stuck in some mud/ stuck to a blood-sucking door/ stuck in a ball gown against her will/ stuck in awkward situations with scary rich people/ generally stuck/ etc... (stuck no longer looks like a word.)
Not entirely sure why I drew her being sleepy in two pictures in a row *shrugs*
I haven't a clue what size this is going to come up when I submit it cos I really haven't got the hang of submitting things on here :P Fingers crossed...
Stoic the Vast inspired beard by Celtic-Lily
Stoic the Vast inspired beard
I knitted this for my friend cos he wants to dress as Stoic the Vast from How to Train Your Dragon next week. (It's the wrong colour, I know, but he chose the wool!) I'm quite proud of how it turned out, having never attempted to knit a beard before, and since I didn't have a knitting pattern so was making it up as I went along. XD Weirdest and most amusing knitting project I've ever had.
(Please excuse desk clutter ^^;)
Ok, well. Never written one of these journal thingies before. So... Uni has been survived! And it's nearly Christmas! And I somehow seem to have drawn/written more while at Uni when I had no time than over the entire summer when I had plenty of time. Though I probably wont put it up on here, it's just scribbles and sketches.
*shrugs* Not entirely sure why I'm writing this... Just bored, I guess.


United Kingdom

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