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Hubble bubble, toil and trouble,
Raindrops scattered on vertebrae rubble.
Ribcage specked with stardust gold,
Nails stretch skin as sheets unfold.

Ink-stained iris galaxies glow;
Tears to trace the fault lines flow,
As hot and drunk on kisses leaked,
Brushstroke skies rain freckled cheeks.
Recipe for a poem
Seriously, I swear 90% of all the poetry I read on here manages to include a spine, a ribcage, and some form of stardust... So I took everyone's favourite poem words and by my calculations, this should be the poem to end all poems. That's it, this is the pinnacle of poetry as suggested by every DD poem ever, you can all go home now... ;)
Not that I dislike that form of poetry, I think it’s very beautiful. But it does kind of lend itself to parody, you know? :D
It was going to be longer, cos it's missing "veins", "hipbones", "collarbones", "fracture", etc... but at the moment I kind of like it as it is. It might gain an extra verse or two in future.
Mother's day notebook cover by Celtic-Lily
Mother's day notebook cover
I got my sewing machine working :D And made a notebook cover for mum. The seams are a bit wobbly cos I have pretty much no experience with a sewing machine, but I'm quite proud of how it turned out :) I discovered that hemming a heart shape is horrific, though... Also, unfortunately I don't own an iron (I'm not good at using them even when I have one, either) so I couldn't remove the creases :P
Happy Birthday by Celtic-Lily
Happy Birthday
Happy Very Belated Birthday :iconambercatlucky2: ! Sorry it's so late, I couldn't think of anything to draw that I was actually capable of drawing ^^; *fails* I hope you like the fluffy bunny and terrible, terrible pun (I'M SORRY I HAD NO CHOICE THE PUN FAIRY MADE ME DO IT).
Evil zombie biologist by Celtic-Lily
Evil zombie biologist
I don't generally like putting pictures of myself online... But I was asked to share my costume from last Halloween, and given that several people that know me well struggled to recognise me in this costume I reckon it's probably ok XD
I had far, far too much fun making that eye in a test tube and the necklace with vials of blood, a venomous spider and glowing frogspawn...
Why is it so difficult to stay focussed on writing? I manage a paragraph or so, then my concentration wavers and while I really want to write it, even more than that I want to READ it. I can't write at the speed I want to experience it, or something like that, so I end up tripping over my own thoughts and just wanting to watch it in my head rather than writing it, and once I've done that I just want to daydream the whole thing cos I'm enjoying the story too much myself... Who knew that too much enthusiasm to write could be just as bad as too little?
Any advice for focussing better would be greatly appreciated...


United Kingdom

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 It was good thanks :) Went to a ceilidh at my friend's village.
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